I am so grateful to the palliative care team who took such wonderful care of my husband during the last weeks of his life. They brought a calmness and a great sense of security to all of us.

To be reassured of a pain-free, peaceful passing is so comforting to both the patient and loved ones. They showed such compassion and understanding. The physical and spiritual needs of the patient were met in a holistic manner. They were sensitive and reassuring and prepared us with compassion.

I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without their help. They are an amazing team of caregivers.

The palliative care team make it possible for a patient, at end of life, to die with dignity in the comfort of their own home and surrounded by loved ones.

A huge thank you to all who cared for my husband at the end of his short life and also the aftercare which I and my family received at the time.

I am forever grateful to all of you.



Did you know we have Charity Boxes in various locations around Mullingar?
North Westmeath Hospice
To relieve often, but to comfort always
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