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Tax benefit of donations to recognised charities

We have recently been authorised by the Revenue Commissioners to obtain an extra  benefit in respect of any donation of  €250 or more,  made by a tax- payer in any one year, ( either in a single payment or in multiple payments) .

The way it works is that the Revenue will gross up the payment made at the rate of 31%, and give us the difference… for instance a donation of €250 will yield an extra €112.32 to our organization.

If you would like more information about how your donation could be enhanced ( at no extra cost to you whatsoever )  please phone Assumpta at 087-759 4135 and she will help you go through the tax relief form if you so request. However we are most anxious to emphasis that this is totally at your discretion and we just want to make people aware of this additional benefit to our charity, if people wish us to avail of this additional Revenue donation .


Thank you for your support


Did you know we have Charity Boxes in various locations around Mullingar?
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