Hospice Remembrance Tree (2021)

Our Remembrance Tree will be back again this year in conjunction with the Mullingar Rotary Club.

The opening dates and times are as follows:

11th and 12th December 12pm - 6pm

18th and 19th December 12pm - 6pm

20th until the 23rd December 10am - 6pm

24th December 11am - 5:30pm

Remember a loved one near or far by writing their name on a ribbon and placing it on our Remembrance Tree.

In January at a special remembrance mass a prayer will be said for the people whose names are written on them.

We appreciate any donation that you can give to the North Westmeath Hospice and Mullingar Rotary Club charities. All monies raised will be divided equally.


Did you know we have Charity Boxes in various locations around Mullingar?
North Westmeath Hospice
To relieve often, but to comfort always
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