Private Testimonial

When my husband was approaching the final phase of his cancer journey, his main worry was that her would have to go into hospital, as I would not be able to take care of him at home. He kept saying I will need 24hour care and you will not be able to do that. You can come and visit me in hospital.

When the palliative care team tool over my husband’s care at home, all his final wishes and worries were discussed. The team promised him that he could stay at home and that they would provide all the care he needed and I would be there too.

My husband was so relieved and this helped to make his final days happy and easier for everyone. A night nurse came every night at 11pm until 7am, which meant he was more relaxed knowing she was there for him. The nurse specialist called every morning to assess his needs, pain etc. They brought him a special bed and special mattress which made it easier to nurse him.

The care he got in the comfort of his own home was incredible and I will never forget it. My husband passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving, heart-broken family. This was exactly what he wanted but feared that it could not happen.

Although my husband is no longer with me I am very grateful and will never forget the care that was given to him by the palliative care team at home.

Private Testimonial


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