Timmy and Laura McAuliffe

Our beautiful wife, mother and grandmother Margaret passed away on the 11th of May, 2020 after a long illness borne with dignity and also with consideration for us, her family, whom she was to leave behind.

It was Margaret’s wish to spend her final months in her own home surrounded by and to be cared for by her loved ones.

Margaret got her wish and we had seven precious and rewarding months with her.

This was made possible in no small way by H.S.E Oncology, Mullingar and in particular the wonderful Palliative Care Team whose care for Margaret was gentle, caring and respectful and whose guidance and encouragement to us allowed us to confidently care for Margaret in our home.

We are forever grateful.

-Timmy and Laura McAuliffe

Private Testimonial

When my husband was approaching the final phase of his cancer journey, his main worry was that her would have to go into hospital, as I would not be able to take care of him at home. He kept saying I will need 24hour care and you will not be able to do that. You can come and visit me in hospital.

When the palliative care team tool over my husband’s care at home, all his final wishes and worries were discussed. The team promised him that he could stay at home and that they would provide all the care he needed and I would be there too.

My husband was so relieved and this helped to make his final days happy and easier for everyone. A night nurse came every night at 11pm until 7am, which meant he was more relaxed knowing she was there for him. The nurse specialist called every morning to assess his needs, pain etc. They brought him a special bed and special mattress which made it easier to nurse him.

The care he got in the comfort of his own home was incredible and I will never forget it. My husband passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving, heart-broken family. This was exactly what he wanted but feared that it could not happen.

Although my husband is no longer with me I am very grateful and will never forget the care that was given to him by the palliative care team at home.

Private Testimonial

Anna Rolston

The Hospice people were so caring and helpful to my family during my husband's last days. They made everything so easy. Thank you so much Hospice.

Anna Rolston


I am so grateful to the palliative care team who took such wonderful care of my husband during the last weeks of his life. They brought a calmness and a great sense of security to all of us.

To be reassured of a pain-free, peaceful passing is so comforting to both the patient and loved ones. They showed such compassion and understanding. The physical and spiritual needs of the patient were met in a holistic manner. They were sensitive and reassuring and prepared us with compassion.

I honestly don’t know how we would have coped without their help. They are an amazing team of caregivers.

The palliative care team make it possible for a patient, at end of life, to die with dignity in the comfort of their own home and surrounded by loved ones.

A huge thank you to all who cared for my husband at the end of his short life and also the aftercare which I and my family received at the time.

I am forever grateful to all of you.


Thank You (2020)

A huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing supporters during Hospice Sunflower Days during such a challenging year for The North Westmeath Hospice  Your kindness and generosity helps us to keep vital Hospice and Specialist Palliative homecare services going.

Did You Know? (2020)

Did you know?

- Hospice care is provided free of charge

- Hospice care is about quality of life and living as well as possible with an illness

- It provides support to patients and their families extending into bereavement

By supporting Hospice Sunflower Days you are directly supporting frontline hospice services. Please donate what you can  Thank You

A sunflower can brighten the darkest day... (2020)

Thursday, June 4th 2020 Text: A sunflower can brighten up the darkest day, and we are determined to bring a little light into people’s lives right now! We have put together a ‘Share the Sunshine’ pack which contains some simple tips on how to spread a little joy in your community;

For more ways to ‘Share the sunshine’ our download pack can be downloaded at www.togetherforhospice.ie

Sunflower Days - Mary Kennedy (2020)

Mary Kennedy, our long term Ambassador and supporter has a message for our all of our wonderful Hospice Sunflower Days volunteers and supporters in the community. Please donate what you can to support us

Share the Sunshine (2020)

Monday, 1st June 2020 Despite recent events, we’re determined to spread some joy in our community! We’re asking you to display a sunflower in your window on 5th & 6th June to support Hospice frontline workers. For more ways to ‘Share the Sunshine’ for Hospice Sunflower Days this year, you can also download our fun Sunflower Pack here; https://www.togetherforhospice.ie/.All we ask is you donate what you can to support the North Westmeath Hospice 

Sunflower Days Need Your Support (2020)

Thursday, May 28th 2020

‘’Ordinarily hundreds of our volunteers would be out selling Hospice Sunflower Days products on June 5th & 6th to raise much needed funds for North Westmeath Hospice. Unfortunately this year we have had to cancel our on-street collection due to Covid-19. This will have a huge impact on our fundraising efforts. Please donate what you can at https://northwestmeathhospice.ie/donate

Thanks so much for your support.